Back to Life: Easter Updates from Father Andy Powell

Posted: March 31, 2021

Easter is a time of celebration for Christians everywhere. But Easter is particularly meaningful to all of us here at Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County because here we see God resurrecting people from death. What I mean is that people come to UGM-TC who are spiritually and emotionally dead and who need to be brought back to life. Once they are here, our residents not only receive the care they need, but love, respect and hope they need to be transformed from the inside out. 

The spiritual programs here help people find God so that through a relationship with Him, they begin to experience healing, forgiveness and hope at the deepest level. Through Alpha, daily Chapel services and Bible study, residents learn they have a Heavenly Father who loves them deeply and who desires to bring them back to life, to welcome them back to His family so they can experience the life God always meant for them to have.

Lucas: Alive in Christ
Lucas came to UGM-TC because severe back pain left him unable to work, and he was evicted from his home. He was also grieving the loss of his mother, which led him into a downward spiral of depression and anxiety. But once he came to the Mission, he started getting the treatment he needed for his physical and emotional issues. Just as important, Lucas found strength and peace by connecting with God. Through our daily chapel services and Alpha, Lucas discovered he has a Heavenly Father who loves and cares for him, and who wants the best for him. Lucas accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was baptized here at the Mission last December. 

Breanna: Reconciled to God
After ten years of drug addiction, Breanna lost everything, including her children. Things got so bad that she and her husband were homeless and living in their car. But the couple found UGM-TC and Breanna came back to life. She became sober and stayed sober. Breanna was also reconciled to God through Alpha and through community Bible Study. She was trying to fill a void in her soul through drugs, and now God has filled that void.

There are many more stories of residents who were spiritually and emotionally dead and who have been brought back to life here at UGM-TC. That’s why at Eastertime we celebrate the Resurrection not just of Jesus Christ, but of all those who have come through our doors and have been resurrected by Christ’s love and grace. We worship the Risen Christ and we invite everyone to look to Him and be brought back to life, to no longer be lost, but to be found. Happy Easter everyone!

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