Meet Mission Support Supervisor, Greg

Posted: July 22, 2019

“It’s a labor of love,” says Greg Franklin, who mentors many residents here. During the summer months, his focus shifts from our residents to our neighbors experiencing homelessness as they suffer the effects of extreme heat.

Greg tells us that many people on the streets of our community are not native Texans. “They haven’t experienced extreme heat before. It’s a major adjustment. Excessive heat is as dangerous as excessive cold.” Greg has seen many people collapse from heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

On days when the temperature tops 90 degrees, the Mission opens its doors earlier in the day to give our homeless neighbors a safe, cool place to rest. “We encourage people to come in,” Greg says, “especially people with health issues.” If the Mission fills up, our intake coordinators work with other shelters to accommodate everyone. Summer outreach also includes distributing up to 500 bottles of water every day, as well as Gatorade and sunscreen. 

While he admits his job can be challenging, Greg says, “I have a heart for these people. For me, it’s ministry. It’s my life, my lineage and it will be my legacy. I believe God planted me here, not only to minister, but to be ministered to. This place has blessed me.”

You can help Greg and all of our staff reach out to our homeless neighbors this summer by donating any of the items on our Summer Needs List to the right. Thank you!

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