Renewal Story: Willie

Posted: September 11, 2017

With sore, swollen feet and an aching back, Willie anxiously stood on the steps of Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County with eight other men – all of them tired, cold and hurting. On that dreary winter night, there was only one bed available. “God blessed me to be able to get that bed,” he recalls.

When Willie’s swollen feet prevented him from working, he ran out of resources and soon ran out of hope. It was tough for Willie to admit that he needed help, but he’s grateful he know where he could find it.

“The Healing Shepherd Clinic has been very diligent in helping me with my feet,” Willie says. Now able to work again, Willie has held several jobs with increasing responsibility – and better pay! “That’s the type of thing that UGM-TC has helped me with. They see to it that things are taken care of.”

“God has blessed us to see from one year to the next that His promises are true and that He will never forsake us,” Willie says. “His will is being done through UGM-TC. And I’m grateful!”

Will you help people like Willie receive necessary resources to get back on their feet by scheduling your North Texas Giving Day gift today? All donations scheduled from now until September 13th or made between 6am and midnight on September 14th, will qualify for bonus funds for UGM-TC. Every dollar raised will go directly towards providing resources to those facing homelessness at UGM-TC. Schedule your donation now. 

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