Renewal Story: Kim

Posted: March 15, 2017

A New Baby and a New Beginning for Kim

As Kim’s pregnancy progressed, she knew she had to find a safe place to give birth. “I was worried about having him prematurely because I was so stressed out on the streets…the heat, the cold…where am I going to stay, what am I going to eat?” Then Kim heard about Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County and came here to have her baby.

As she waited to give birth, Kim started classes on our women’s program. “Pretty much any class they have, I’ve taken it,” Kim says proudly. “I’ve got a stack of certificates!” Kim especially enjoyed the parenting classes.

Kim and Kash were among the first to stay in the new Scott Walker Women and Families Services Building. “We were lucky to get into it,” Kim says gratefully. “They do a lot for the kids. They had a petting zoo yesterday. Kash got to hold this little pig and it was so cute!” Kash also attends ALPHA classes with Kim. “I like it when they come and sing because Kash loves the music!”

Kim looks forward to a day when she and Kash can live as an independent family. She is hoping to get her forklift license and plans to live near her elderly father and help take care of him. To help maintain stability she has found at the Mission, Kim says she would like to find a church to go to every Sunday.

“UGM-TC has been a good experience and I like it here,” says Kim. “But I don’t ever want to have to come back.”

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