Mission & History



Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County is a united Christian organization and ministry dedicated to providing love, hope, respect and a new beginning for the homeless in Tarrant County.


A relief effort that began in 1888 to coordinate the outreach of churches in Fort Worth to aid the poor and dispossessed has continued, without interruption, for over 126 years. UGM-TC served as an auxiliary to local churches in order to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the “rabble of the city and the outcasts in the slum districts.” So Bethel Mission became what is known today as Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County. Since the earliest days, preaching the Gospel has been the focus of the Mission. From the early 1900’s through World War I, demand for UGM-TC services grew dramatically. Fort Worth’s population had grown faster than the city could support. People requested food, clothing, shelter and guidance and UGM-TC freely ministered to those in need.

God’s Healthy Place to End Homelessness

Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County has over 126 years of experience providing food, shelter and supportive services to thousands of men, women and children. These services have given many residents hope and a chance for a new start. In the secure environment of UGM-TC’s six-acre campus, residents participate in programs designed to maximize their potential by developing the skills they need to return to the community as independent, productive members. Our trained staff strives to build dependable, trustworthy relationships with clients. A holistic approach is taken to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. We provide space in which a person can openly discuss one’s unique situation, needs, concerns, strengths and hopes. The programs we offer aim to give homeless individuals the greatest chance of developing the skills and self-confidence to attain self-sufficiency.