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Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County is a united Christian organization and ministry dedicated to providing love, hope, respect and a new beginning for the homeless in Tarrant County.


A relief effort that began in 1888 to coordinate the outreach of churches in Fort Worth to aid the poor and dispossessed has continued, without interruption, for over 125 years.

The Mission served as an auxiliary to local churches in order to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the “rabble of the city and the outcasts in the slum districts.” So Bethel Mission became what is known today as Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County.

Since the earliest days, preaching the Gospel has been the focus of the Mission. From the early 1900’s through World War I, demand for the Mission’s services grew dramatically. Fort Worth’s population had grown faster than the city could support. People requested food, clothing, shelter and guidance and the Mission freely ministered to those in need.

No Creed but Christ; No Law but Love
The Mission adopted its motto on June 17, 1909, at a meeting at the First United Methodist Church. This motto became the line that has remained the identifying mark of the Union Gospel Mission for more than 100 years.

Ministry on the Move
For 90 years, the Mission was located in downtown Fort Worth. But, remaining there became no longer practical because of the age of the buildings and the vision of city leadership. In 1979, the Mission moved from the business district to a new campus at 1331 E. Lancaster Avenue, the current location of the Men’s Building.

Still Growing…Always Serving
As the century came to a close, the Mission expansion continued. In 1993, we added on to our Women’s Center and in late 2002, the Board of Directors completed a successful capital campaign and opened the John & Jo Cox Facility, with housing for homeless mothers and children, an expanded dining hall and kitchen, a chapel, an educational multi-purpose room and administrative offices.

Our Vision for the Future
As we embark on another quarter century of service, we have a long history of meeting the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the people who come to us for help. In this current economic climate, the demand for our services, specifically, the needs of women and families have increased dramatically. Our vision for the future is that we will continue our mission of providing love, hope, respect and a new beginning to those in need.