Spiritual Development

Because UGM-TC was organized in 1888 as a mission to preach the Gospel to those in need, there is a rich Spiritual Development effort for transformation into a Christ-like life for residents and guests. UGM-TC believes that homelessness has a solution, which is a closer relationship with God, who is mighty to change the human heart.

The daily chapel services offer a true sanctuary in the peaceful Deborah Hall Chapel for residents and guests from the street. Thursdays at the Mission are planned as Spiritual Development days for residents. This comes from ALPHA USA curriculum. ALPHA allows residents to experience a loving God by coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Since its’ beginning in 2006, ALPHA has helped transform lives. The curriculum incorporates praise and worship, video teachings and small groups where residents can discuss their thoughts more intimately with staff and trained ALPHA leaders.

Chaplain’s Perspective
As Chaplain, I consider it my great privilege to attend to the spiritual needs of our residents and guests. Daily, these brave people face challenges unimaginable to us and engage in a spiritual warfare of gargantuan proportion to those of us who have the security of homes, jobs and comfortable lifestyles.

Critical to the restorative work available to residents and guests at UGM-TC is our Spiritual Development Program. While we take a holistic approach to meeting the needs of body, soul and spirit, we make it a priority to introduce those who stay at UGM-TC for any length of time to God’s love and care for them.

Each week we offer 32 chapel services in our beautiful Deborah Hall Chapel, where over 90 trained chapel leaders volunteer their time to lead these services.

In addition, AA, Celebrate Recovery, Moms in Touch International and Overcomers Recovery support groups provide residents with weekly meetings that offer excellent recovery and support.

We set Thursdays aside as Spiritual Development days. We have the privilege of using three Alpha materials: The “Alpha Course,” the “Challenging Lifestyle” course on the Sermon on the Mount and the “Life Worth Living” course on Philippians. Trained Alpha leaders from community churches assist in leading these Kingdom-building classes.

My job description requires me to spend time with our residents—it is what I love to do most! We talk and pray together. I have the joy of seeing men and women whose families and friends and, in fact society, have given up on become new creations in Christ.

We never know what to expect. That’s why each day I pray, “Dear Lord, don’t let me get in the way of what you have planned.” Every day brings a blessing!
Every Blessing to you!

Chaplain Stanley Maneikis