Children’s Enrichment Program

The number of homeless families with children has spiked over the past decade. Today, families with children are among the fastest growing segments of the homeless population, both in Tarrant County and nationwide. Homeless children enter school and society with the deck stacked against them. Low self-image and lack of social skills contribute to ongoing difficulties in the classroom with peers. Chaotic or non-existing homes, lack of discipline and a spotty attendance also create barriers to children’s learning. Research shows that a child falls behind in school by six months every time they move. Because of this, most of the children at UGM-TC are two to three years behind their grade level when they first arrive.

Once children are accommodated at UGM-TC, they are enrolled into the Children’s Enrichment Program. Each child is required to attend tutoring Monday through Thursday for two hours each evening. This program focuses on finding and establishing the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Once observed, a personal plan of action will be developed to overcome the child’s educational obstacles. In the 2010-2011 school year there was an increase of as much as 28% in math and reading skills. These increases would not be possible without the dedication and consistency provided by the volunteer tutors who give each child the individual attention they deserve. Click here to learn more about becoming a volunteer tutor.

In the time that children live at UGM-TC, the Children’s Enrichment Program gives them the basic skills and tools they need to do well in school and move forward in their lives. Year round, the program provides a safe, consistent and fun place to learn.