Residents Say No To Smoking

When residents first come to the Mission, there are usually many obstacles that need to be addressed before true transformation can take place. Many of these obstacles have to do with health. At UGM-TC, we try to educate residents and provide them with the tools they need to lead healthier lives.

Right now, through a partnership with the Tarrant County Health Department, we have begun providing a smoking cessation class called “Freedom from Smoking” for residents. The class curriculum is from the American Lung Association and is based on the latest research on addiction and behavior change. This medically sound program addresses the difficulties of quitting with a sensitive encouraging style. The class is dedicated to reducing the burden and impact of tobacco use through education, action and smoke free incentive.

Several residents have joined the class since it started in January and are looking forward to getting off tobacco. The instructor engages the residents in the process and is very passionate about assisting the residents in making the changes necessary to accomplish smoking cessation. The confidence and encouragement that residents feel after quitting is priceless!

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    This is awesome. Glad to see!
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    This is so amazing:)

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